Because of you, ABCPac was able to raise almost $300,000 for Republican House and Senate candidates in the 2006 Election. In less than three months, ABCPac established itself as a one-stop resource for individuals to donate to Republican candidates for federal office. Now ABCPac is proud to introduce White House 2008 – Your Choice...Your Voice!

ABCPac is now soliciting contributions on behalf of candidates for President as well as prospective candidates for President. As candidates enter the race, ABCPac will forward contributions collected within 10 days after they create a candidate committee.

If, by April 1, 2008, any prospective candidate listed here has not become a candidate, ABCPac will divide the funds collected and distribute them to the national Committees to support Republican candidates.*

* Contributions made to any prospective candidate who has not created a candidate committee by April 1, 2008 football p2p will be distributed as follows: 30% to the Republican National Committee, 30% to the National Republican Congressional Committee, 30% to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and 10% to ABC PAC.
Help them get started by supporting your choice for 2008 Presidential Candidates. Totals for candidates are updated daily. Donate Now to make sure your choice(s) stay strong!

western sky loans Candidate Amount
Senator Sam Brownback $200
Mayor Michael Bloomberg $0
Congressman Newt Gingrich $0
Rudy Giuliani $43
Senator Chuck Hagel $0
Governor Mike Huckabee $0
Congressman Duncan Hunter $25
Senator John McCain $7
Governor George Pataki $0
Secretary Condoleezza Rice $75
Governor Mitt Romney $0
Congressman Tom Tancredo $35
Senator Fred Thompson $0
Governor Tommy Thompson $0


Paid for by ABC PAC.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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